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Sonar Streetwear was started by Artist/Designer Dave Danzara of Lost In Time Designs. Born and raised in Southern California, he spent a great deal of time and passion into branding his art style into a successful graphic designer. He has worked with many musicians for album cover art. Most notably the band The Strokes used his art design on Saturday night live, where you can see Dave's work backdropped behind the performance. 


Dave recently moved to Albuquerque New Mexico and wanted to dive into the fashion world with his unique style. Now Dave's artistic vision will branch out into streetwear! Now residing in New Mexico it was only fitting he would be inspired by a Bat for the logo and brand. His aesthetic ranges from Post Punk, Goth, Retrofuturism, Psychobilly and Psychedelia. In order to complete the vision and idea and get the brand off the floor he needed someone with finesse to bring the clothing line to reality. 

Photo By: Laurel Danzara

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